Saturday, February 11, 2012


Nga mihi nui ki a koutou and a big welcome to all who visit and use our Blog in Room 13.

At the top of this Home page you will find a bar that you can click on and it will either take you to sites that you can use for your learning or showcase what Room 13 has been or is currently learning.
Please leave a comment to give us feedback and feedforward either written or using the voicemail at the side of the page. 

How to comment on a blogspot blog. 
Step 1: At the bottom of each blog post is a comment button. Click on this button. 
Step 2: Write your comment in the comment box. 
Step 3: Click on the “Comment as” box and select “Name/URL” 
Step 4: Write your name in the box. You can leave the URL box empty or you can put in a web address or email address. This will appear on the blog. Click “continue.” 
Step 5: Click on “Post Comment.” Depending on how the blog is set up, your comment may not appear until the comment has been accepted by the owner of the 

Room 13  

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