Sunday, July 28, 2013

My trip to ROTORUA!!!
We went to the maze and it was aMAZEing!
after we got out we took a break and then something really weird stood in front of us
it was a cat race!!! 

Boy were we tired. We got to bed. In the morning, I felt as fresh as an apple!
and that's when my time to hit the road people, we're going to rainbow springs!!!
We had been so excited about going there that we forgot about the big splash. Mum said "Lets go on the big splash! Woo hoo! We said excitedly.


this is me at mini golf and here's a bunny called Marbles.

this is Joseph and I on the Gondola. 

Look at the view!!! 

This is me and the LUGE.
 Boy was I scared at first but now, I'm a champion!!!!        
 After the LUGE we had to go on a chair lift and
that was COOL!!!

This is a close up of a real live KEA!!!
I thought it look amazing

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Deserts. By Sienna

I am the frog in a dog, and today is the day that we are off to see deserts. Let's leave right away. You may think that deserts are empty and bare, the things we will find there insects and lizards, flowers and snow. Want to see for yourself? Buckle up and let's go! Why are deserts dry? I will glad to explain. There are vary few clouds above them to bring rain. Without clouds, there is nothing to block the sun's light or to hold the heat in, so it gets cold at night. The air is so dry any rain deserts get dries up right away, so they do not stay wet. Without water, surviving in deserts is rough. Plants, insects and animals need to be tough. In day time, small animals stay underground. Later on, when it is cooler, they move above ground. Kangaroos lick their arms to help cool off their skin, then each digs a hole in the ground and climbs in.

Monday, July 8, 2013

My birthday By sasha

I woke up feeling very excited that it was my birthday. I checked the clock to see what time it was. It was 5:00am but I didn't care at all. It was my birthday how was I supposed to sleep when I was so excited!! I rushed over to my mum and dads bedroom. "HAPPY  BIRTHDAY Sasha" said mum and dad. I decided that I should get some sleep because I was about to have the greatest day of my life. Zzzz zzzz. Beep beep beep was all I could hear. Dad said to stop the alarm. I thought that I had only slept a minute but I hadn't. It was 7:32am! Mum had already gone to work. Just then I heard my brother wake up. He came over and also said HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I had to get ready for school. I got all ready and went to school. As soon as I came in the classroom Rebekah rushed over to me and got something out S It looked like a present. Rebekah was  wanting me to open it. So I quickly got out my stuff and did the things we are supposed to do with them. Then I read the card out loud to the people who were more excited than me. I opened the present and all the people crowded around me  eager to find out what it was. Everybody shouted "Rip it! Rip it!" So I did. "Wow thanks Rebekah for the present," I said. It was a pencil case with markers so I could decorate my own case how I liked. I then gave the teacher 2 packets of chocolates to share with the class at the end of the day. My day went fast and I was thinking if dad had bought me a present. Finally it was the end of the day and I gave out the chocolates and went home. There was a package out on the doorstep I picked it up and went inside the house. We went to pick up mum at 3:15, then we came home. My brother was already at home. Then I had to take a shower. After my shower I had a few phone calls. Somebody came to give me a present. When we all were together we sat down at the dinner table but we didn't have dinner. Instead I opened the presents and  this is what I got and who I got it from.  I got 2 cards and a gift card from our family friends , a watch from Avik and then my dad said
cut the cake. So we did. The cake was so delicious that I couldn't stop eating it. I was about to go when dad said to my brother go and get it and  that could only mean one thing another present !! I was so glad the day wasn't  over yet. I opened the gift wrap and there before my very eyes was something  I'd been wishing to get. It was an I PAD!!!! I hugged mum and dad and my brother for the best thing I'd ever wish for. Next I got play on it. Our family always does  something special for our birthdays and this time I got to choose what we had for dinner. So I chose pizza. My friends came over and ate the pizza with us. Yum yum .then it was time for them  to go and time for us to sleep so that's the end of the day.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Egyptian Mummy with the Ugly Wedding Dress By Rebekah

This is me at my aunty's kitchen tea party in Levin dressed up as a bride in toilet paper.  There was another girl dressed up as well.  I thought she would win but we both did.  Our prizes were two moro bars.  I felt like an Egyptian mummy with an ugly wedding dress.  After all the photos with me looking like an Egyptian mummy I did a roly-poly to get myself out of the toilet paper.  That didn't really work so I ripped it off, then I had to pick all the the mess up. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Hi everyone my name is Shakayla Burton and this is my family,  my dad Taka and my two uncles Jaden and Corey and my little sister Magerth.
This is also my family this time its me my dad my two uncles there friend Michile they all are my friends as well I same times play with all of them.I hope I get to see my dad on Friday he mite be picking me and my brothers up thank you for reading my family explaning thank you.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

hunting by liam

On Saturday I  was so excited to go to my uncle's farm to go hunting for my birthday. Dad and I  got ready and  went to cashes-bush, and it was a long way to get to cashes bush. When we got there I felt really sick.  I had to go and open the gate so I could let my dad  through. Dad parked the car by a tall  tree and got the hunting bags for me so I could put my stuff in them. I said to my dad can we go now he said OK  we can go so we walked right to the top of the hill and look for some pigs or deer's, I saw a big  pig so my  dad walked down and he waited for it to come closer so he could shoot it and it finally came closer and dad shot it. I ran up to  it and was still  alive so dad shot him in the head so he could put him out of his misery. Dad gutter the pig  so it wasn't to heavy .  Dad said meet me  at the top off  the hill in a puff voice with the pig on his  back." I said ok Dad" but when I  got to the top of the hill, dad fell  down and  rolled his ankle and I had to  help Dad get up and try lift him up on to his feet. Dad got up said stay by me incase I fall  down  again ,"I said yep" in a panicing voice then I saw the top of the hill and I said to Dad I can see the top of the hill yes we are at the top. I can see the car so we walked to the car and  put the pig in the back of the car and we started the car and we drove to my uncle house.   My uncle said to come over to the killing shed so we can weigh it and it was 175lbs boar cool. I was so proud.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


This is my miniball team - Parkvale Meteors. 

My Mum is our coach.

We play every Tuesday after school. 

We have a fun time.

By Bella

Monday, July 1, 2013

liam going hunting

This is my  uncle's stag that he shot.

This is a sika stag that I saw on the side of the mountain.

This is big Boaris, my uncle's pig.