Thursday, June 27, 2013

Duck shooting by Liam

Yesterday I  felt  so excited about going duck shooting at my favourite place with my cousin, dad and uncle. When we arrived at the lake there were a large group of ducks covering the lake so my dad stood up, aimed and fired at three nice mallards. Boom! Boom! Boom! Then I said to my dad "That was some nice shooting." My dog Coco quickly retrieved  the duck but Coco didn't get all of the ducks back. A big flock of ducks was swarming over the lake. My dad scared them away with the loud noise of his gun.  Then a big group of ducks came down into shooting range. My uncle shot 2 duck mallard in one shot. then my dog coco retrieved the to ducks and I was so excited because we shot 5 ducks yum. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quinn's House

candy land by Makayla

We walked under a colorful rainbow and found ourselves in a wonderful place. It was candy land.There were ice cream and ice block trees also there were gumdrop rocks.There were chocolate people who lived in lamington houses with white chocolate windows.We saw a peppermint sun. All of us walked over to the chocolate people and said "How are you today""we are great today they replied."very nice weather we are having today" "yes all of us replied.Well we will be on our way now I said.bye everyone nice meeting you and we skipped along the rainbow gumdrop path.Bella saw some beautiful birds in the sky she said "look everyone there are some beautiful birds in the sky.Next Victoria saw some ears behind a bush.It was a gummy-bear. We stood at the top of a tunnel.We all took a deep breath and jumped into the tunnel screaming.We flipped over and over and keep face planting into gum-balls.We fall over and a rainbow lollipop stuck to our faces.Then we all looked up and saw 100's of gum-balls.We thought for a minute.All of us came up with the same idea.We will climb the gum-balls.We all climbed the gum-balls. All of us slipped but luckily there were lollipops that we haled onto.The lollipops helped us climb up the gumball pits and we popped out the top of the pits we all shouted "we made it out of the pits.


I gasped as my eye brows raised. Such a magnificent place glazed upon my eyes. I walked along with Kyra, Emma, Victoria and poppy the horse as our feet sunk in all the candy floss. Suddenly, I realized we were not on our own. I saw lolly shape shadows scuttle along the walls. The bushes and trees started to rumble as my friends and I were wondering what was going on. Then it popped in to my head. We were in candy land!!! The rumbling finally stopped as a old happy man tumbled out of a jelly bush and presented in a very trendy voice "Welcome to candy land."
 There were big jet planes flying high up over the top of our tiny heads. There standing right in front of us was the magnificent candy tower (don don don!) We had amazed looks on our faces as our hands chipped little pieces of white chocolate off the bridge.We noticed something that looked amazing. It  was a chocolate fountain! We scurried over there as quickly as our little feet could carry us.  As we were all pigging away at the chocolate fountain I notice a faint voice coming from a  deep dark hole . I walked to where the sound was coming from. The voice got louder as I came to a deep and very dark hole. Thee others gathered around me.We all stared at the deep dark hole that lay upon our eyes. I heard that same voice. Just then, I  realised that the sound was coming from the hole. I said to all thee others "Well what are you waiting for " I said in a rush. Kyra said tyring to be funny " I am waiting for something awesome to happen! Wonder where she gets it from" I said turning to Emma. "Well stop mucking around... Lets jump!" So we all helled hands and JUMPED!!! "ah" Victoria screamed and we all said at the same time.. 'Stop being a wuss Victoria!" " om pf" she sighed. "Okay." Bang! We fell to the bottom of the hole. We stood up as the dirt raised. Jaffa walls surrounded us.We tried to fined an exit door then we heard a faint voice coming from a dark corner. "Is any one there?" I whispered ." It's just me, a little gummy bear." They replied in a shy voice as she came out of a dark corner. "I was getting apprehended by two mongoose and fell down this deep dark hole".... She began and Emma blurted out almost forgetting her manners "come on lets get I mean, well why don't we help this little cutey" she said try to forget that she was rude. "Now that's the spirit Emma. Three two one Let's go!" Suddenly an ever so thin rope slid carefully down the hole. A voice from the surface said "grab holed." It was the gentleman who welcome us to candy land and he even brang his gummy bear army. "Golly gosh" I whispered to myself as we got pulled up to the surface. We finally got pulled up and we stuffed our face with candy.     The End.

Created for you by Maia Bassett.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Adventure on Feather Forest Island By Rebekah

We walked through under the rich red rose arch with pink roses curved over on the top on the rough concrete path.  Our eyes grew wide as we entered a place we had never seen before.  There before us stood a GIGANTIC ostrich.  It suddenly said something that made me jump. "Get out of here!"it blurted out.  Janine whispered  something that gave me an idea. I thought. I knew it would be rude to talk back but I knew I'd have to.  "How do we get back?"I said as quickly as I could.  "Go talk to the pheasant, but she won't listen," the ostrich said grumpily trying to make us not be bothered,  But of course we went. Sasha reminded me. "Be careful about what you say."  I knew exactly what I was going to do.  We finally finished the five minute walk to the pheasant.  She kindly said " ignore that old ostrich, he's the meanest on feather forest island.""You mean were on feather forest island, where are we?" Sasha said nearly forgetting her manners.   "How do we get back?" Janine asked.  "There is no way back,"she replied.  "Come with me, I'll show you all around."  The horse had been waiting very patiently to have her turn to speak.  " If there is no way back , where will we stay?" The horse said in a loud croaky voice.  "That's one bit I am about to show you," she replied.  As we walked, all that could be heard was the sound of the trotting of the horse and the chirping of the birds, then Sasha broke the silence. "All I can hear is really annoying sound of chirping birds." " Well you going to have to get used to it cause your going to live here" the pheasant said back.  We soon reached a big log house looking thing on a big green bushy tree.  It had a rail on each side of the set steps leading up to the exciting looking tree house.  As we walked up the set of steps we were lead by the pheasant and the horse.  I was following at the back in case it was a terrible sight.  Just then I slipped head over heals over the rail, with bump I landed flat on my bottom.  "Are you alright?" Janine laughed.  " Sure am," I laughed back. "Maybe just a bruise on my backside." I got up and rushed to catch up with the others.  The others had already reached the top and were waiting for me."Slow coach,"Sasha jeered.  I reached the top of the steps finally.  Janine reckoned there were about one hundred steps but I thought maybe about fifty.   We nearly fainted at the sight.  "It's a mess! It's just like my brother's bedroom,"I exclaimed."  Lets get to work!""Oh what!" Janine groaned."You'll have to." "I guess so,"Janine grumbled.  We got to work and within a couple of hours it was completed.  Sasha, the pheasant and the horse sat down on the couch and chattered, while Janine set the table and I made a lunch of pineapple pizza.  Luckily there was food already there because we were not prepared.  I finally finished cooking pizza and served them onto five plates and put them on the table.  We sat down and ate them with out making a sound.  I got up from the table and gathered the plates, knives and forks and Sasha helped wash, dry and put them away.  Once we had finished we all decided about what to do next.  We decided to explore the tree hut.  Janine found a hole and lent a bit to far in and... "HELP!"  " Oh," Sasha said with a smile on her face.  The pheasant gathered us around and she told us," You two come with me and Horse stay here and guard the house."  She lead us to the hole where Janine fell into.  " OWLOLLYLOPPYLOLLYPOP," said a cheerful voice of Janine.  "Can I stay back with the horse," Sasha asked looking scared.  "NO!" said the pheasant strictly.  We slid down the hole.  It was like the hydro slide  at Onekawa pools.  It wasn't just black had heaps of other colours it seemed like it would never end.  Finally there was a streak of light and there stood Janine.  "Close your eye's and DO NOT peek," Janine commanded.  "PLEASE can open them it sounds SO exciting,"Sasha pleaded.  "Were here!" Janine said excitedly after she had dragged us along the dusty path.  We looked around with wide open eyes.  Some fluffy little chicks plodded to us along with some tiny yellow ducklings.  "They're so cute!!" Sasha joyfully said.  "Look! Right over there,"Janine yelled.  There in front of us was a huge pond filled with ducks, kingfishers, swans and geese.  They were so noisy we couldn't hear each other.  "How do we get back up,"Sasha screamed.  "Come, I'll show you where," the pheasant shouted back.  We were lead back to the gigantic slide we had just been down.  She told us to sit back on it and soon enough we were back in the tree hut.  Suddenly something struck Janine" what is you twos name? she asked the pheasant and the horse.  "Mine is Cindy,"the pheasant answered .  "And mine is Sandy," the horse replied.  "OK Cindy and Sandy do you want to live with us?," Janine asked.  "Sure"they said at the same time.  We had a picnic afternoon tea under one of the trees near the arch where the we had first entered into.  Suddenly we heard a drowning grumbling voice coming from the top of a hill.  "HELP, HELP, HELP".  We rushed over to the hill where the drowning voice came from.  There in front of us the mean old ostrich fell down on the top of the hill with a thump.  We could hear the rushing water on the other side of the hill.  The ostrich finally said his last words.  "Geeettt ouutt of heerree,"The ostrich spluttered.  "She doomed,"Sasha laughed.  "Hey, why don't we push her down to the arch and bury her there where we first met " I suggested.  " Yeah lets do it,"Janine shouted.  "Seriously she is so heavy, I wonder what she's been eating?"Sasha said.  "Hey why don't we push here down the hill and into the river,  she'll sink and so we won't see her. Come on."  We  pushed here down and she rolled into the river.  "Now we will live happily ever after,"Janine said relieved.  "You mean happily never after,  look she has had babies.  I corrected her.  "Oh no"  Sasha shouted.


 On Sunday the 23rd of June my grandma and pop came to our house for lunch, with my uncle Jono and two of my cousins Connor and Liam. After lunch we all went to the airport in Napier, because grandma and pop were going on holiday to Canada. After grandma and pop checked in thier bags, we sat and waited for thier plane. While we were waiting  mum took a photo of me my brother Noah, my sister Addison, my two cousins Connor and Liam and my grandma and pop. Soon after that grandma and pop were called to board their plane. Everyone gave grandma and pop a kiss and a cuddle. Next they lined up to get on the plane, we waved to them until we couldn't see them. Grandma and pop were waiting for it to take off, us kids then ran up the stairs to get a better view. Next minute the plane started moving along the runway then lifted into the air. Grandma and pop were finally off on their holiday to Canada. While they are on holiday my pop is going to turn sixty and on the same day they will be married for forty years. I hope they have a great holiday, I wonder if they will bring me back a surprise.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


On Saturday my netball team Parkvale Grant versed  Havelock North Primary school. We won 6-5. My team Parkvale Grant scored 6 goals the other team scored 5 goals. I got player of the day. After the game my team got a big bag of lollies. That was yummy. My team had an amazingly good time. The other team was confused where to stand. I got very nervous in the game. Everyone was cheering when I had the ball. For player of the day you get a Westerman's gift voucher. I spent it on a hot chocolate it was yummy. It was a five dollar gift voucher. I was goal shoot and wing attack in the game. I liked the netball game. My team played at school. I saw Mrs Lowe there. Mrs Lowe saw my game.



On Saturday my netball team Parkvale Grant played a game against Lucknow at Parkvale .  I played wing attack for the first quarter. In the second quarter I played goal attack . My player was hard because she was too fast for me. In the third quarter I played centre . My player was tall . On the last quarter I played goal  Attack . I scored no goals. At the end  the score was 2-16. We lost. I was happy and sad at the same time!   By Bella


Monday, June 17, 2013


I gasped as I saw a wonderful place standing before me, fulled with candy!I walked along a path made of humongous chocolate buttons.I saw a bridge and ran up to it and took a little bite. It tasted like Raspberry.  On the other side of  the bridge were a lot of little lolly pops for plants and the grass was made out of candy floss. Just then a big tower loomed in front of me. My eyes followed it right to the top.The castle was made out of chocolate flakes!I went inside and saw four girls and there names were  Maia, Aniela, Emma and Bella. It was getting dark so they took me to the top of the tower and showed me were I would sleep that night. I laid on the bed, It was a water bed!I looked towards the roof that was when I noticed there was no roof! All I could see were candy floss clouds.We went down to the dinning room for tea.We had jaffas, Maltesers and allot more jaffas. That was when I felt sick.I got back to my room and laid on the bed.When it rained I got soaking wet.In the morning Maia and Bella took me to a place called Adventures In The Pits. This sounded fun so I pushed impatiently  threw the door OUCH!! The door hit me in the head but the second time it didn't happen.Once I walked in I saw a slide going down into the pits. I ran up to the top of the slide, took a deep breath  WEE! and slid down the slide.I screamed, something was wrong I was going down.BANG,CRASH,KABOOM.I tumbled down and landed right on my face.I stood up and I had dirt all over my face and a lolly pop!I pulled it and pulled it until the lolly pop finally came off. I looked up and saw a humongous mountain of jaffas!I stepped back and nearly fell into a hole of darkness.I started to climb the mountain.I was nearly at the top when I saw a plaster.It landed on my nose and I nearly fell but a lolly pop saved my life because one hand was holding onto it.I climbed with all my might to the top.I hoped out of the pits,walked out and had a very nice sleep that night.When I woke up I wasn't in Candy Land any more,I was in my real house ''That was just a dream well it was crazy'' I said.

Quinn's Soccer Success

Friday, June 14, 2013

Adventure in the ball pit By Sasha

fantasy castle Wallpaper HD
Adventure In The Ball Pit.
I gasped as I saw a wonderful  sight in front of me. In the corner of my eye I saw a ball pit it seemed so deep.I shivered maybe this wasn't a safe place after all. suddenly an invisible castle became visible. four girls came out hi - hi  hi - hi the two younger girls name is Sasha i name is  Rebekah and her name is Janine. said Rebekah well Janine and Rebekah I have just found this place can you show me around ? I asked politely then the two other girls came out who are you and what do you want? her name is Sasha shouted Rebekah. she just found this place Janine added jumping up and down. OK OK enough girls well my name is dawn and this is my sister Karen. nice to meet you Sasha.these are our little sisters there always jumping up and down full of energy. suddenly I started  walking slowly towards the big deep ball pit w-w-what is this I stammered . Oh that's just the old ball pit , nobody goes in there said dawn. when I was a little girl I used to slide down it then one  day i got stuck my dad had to take me out. wow was that freaky? you bet it was. dawn replied.well does anyone want to go in it ?asked Karen she had an exited expression on her face. NO!! Dawn blurted. please Dawn please !! Rebekah pleaded. Yeah! come on say yes say yes Karen shouted.oh come on Dawn please ! said Janine there was a lot of shouting and noise the stamped his foot so hard and  left. Dawn shouted all right all right we go in but only on one condition what is it everyone shouted at the same time (except for dawn ). then we all including Dawn  burst into laughter. can i go first shouted Dawn  still laughing  OK said every one after we had stopped laughing. Then we all got up and started walking slowly towards the ball pit. here we go said dawn as we reached the ball pit.we got in one by one. woo screamed dawn . back in the tunnel full of water. what do you mean dawn ? asked  Janine.  I mean this tunnel is full of water. so I'm saying  back in the tunnel full of water. here it comes!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh shouted Rebekah wosssshhhh !!!!!!!!!!! a load of water came rushing past us soaking us but then we realized  that it wasn't water but chocolate uh oh said dawn trouble. um said Karen softly then slowly  she began to rise her voice. DAWN!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to destroy you . what it was just chocolate but this is my new dress and mums going to be mad . well don't worry there is water coming so you won't be covered in chocolate  any more. i forgot that there was chocolate first. great now there is going to water i said. yep if dawn says so. well i hope  you aren't joking Dawn said Janine. I'm not Dawn said frustrated by everyone . swoosh.we went past something but it wasn't water it was balls ouch ouch ouch everyone complained. well Dawn do you have something to say to us. Rebekah said strictly.  well it has been a long time since I've been in here now let me see whats coming next. Noooo!!!! Noo!!!NOO!!!our voices echoed. woossh !!  oh no what was it this time shrieked Janine. she had her eyes closed well it seems like water said Rebekah.then suddenly  bump bump bump bump !!! we all landed in a heap well lets go cried karen. mummy screamed Dawn. oh no she has lost her mind again. said karen. she always losses her mind after she tastes chocolate all she needs is a little pill. glug glug glug. she drank up all the water wth the pill. Karen said Dawn after a little while. yay everyone screamed of joy. now can i show you my room ? asked Rebekah me to screamed Janine .            

Thursday, June 13, 2013


HI everyone this is me at my first ever netball game we were playing  may fear school i was  very nerves  but i got over it

this is me wobaling my finger because c skrached me on the hand

this is my hole team at the end of our game and we all had fun  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Goosebumps.One dark night I was reading a goosebumps book I suddenly fell asleep. Then I woke up and found myself                                                                                                                                                  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nga Kaho Team Assembly Certificate Stars

Kyro and Emma were our Certificate Stars this week.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Room 13 Singing Nga Iwi E

Kings College v Auckland Grammar Haka 2013

Kings College v Auckland Grammar Haka 2013

I travelled up to Auckland on the weekend to watch my son Jonah play for his school, King's College against Auckland Grammar. I videoed the haka to bring back and share a moment that was my first experience of being at such an occasion. I hope you enjoy it. 
Quinn's dog

Sunday, June 9, 2013


This is me after my netball game. The score was 6-5. My team
Parkvale grant got the score 6 the other team  hnp vixens got 5 goals.  I got player of the day. I scored 4 goals my friend Jodi scored 2 goals.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Aniela's Fishing weekend

This is me holding a 3 kg snapper on holiday in  Whatuwhiwhi. I caught the snapper on a set line. I went with my family and my brother caught a tiny fish. I laughed because my fish was larger than his.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Quinn's football game

At  the game I got ten goals in total.  

                                               The ball had gone out. I stood outside the line and threw the ball into                     t                                                                        the field to my teammate.
                                                   Quinn at park island football