Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dance Group by Kaden

I walked onto the stage and I saw the faces of the audience staring at me. I nearly fainted because my heart was beating so fast as if it was going to fall out. Rosemary and Sasha spoke and 'Chori Chori' started . It felt like my hands took over and I knew the actions. 

Readers Theatre by Aniela

I walked onto the stage and I saw the faces of the audience staring at me. I saw my mum and it seemed  like she was glaring at me.The narrators  started the play,''Once upon a time there was a kind carpenter named Gepetto".When the play had finished we sang 'Do you love me pinocchio' by Maria Dallas. 
The audience cheered loudly.  After the audience had stopped cheering Rosemary spoke and then we walked off the stage.

Choir by Tyler

  1. When I walked on to the stage I felt shy. I saw lots of people in the audience. I saw the principal in the audience. We were about to sing our first song Frere Jacques. I thought the song was too slow and I was a little bored until someone I don't know who tried to kick me off the stage. I would of turned around and said stop but no one was allowed to turn around. We all had to face the front and sing. I was worried I was going to fall off the stage. Luckily, I did not. When we had finish Frere Jacques the audience clapped.  We were about about to sing our next song 'Waltzing Matilda' from Australia. I felt butterflies in my stomach. We were about to sing 'Canada in my pocket'. I stopped being nervous. We sang Canada in my pocket and the audience cheered. The super six stood up and went to the side. We were singing Somewhere over the Rainbow. I said in my mind 'Yes, we're singing my favourite song. Now it was over and Sasha finished our performance by saying "Well done choir, I could listen to your singing all night." I was so happy because  I had been practising hard and it really paid off.

Gymnastics. by victoria.

I walked onto the stage. I saw the faces of the audience staring at me. I was nervous and I thought that I going to forget the routine. I was in line when the first person started  to do the cartwheel, cartwheel forward roll, forward roll routine. Next it was my turn. I started to cartwheel and I thought, I hope I don't crash again. Next was the hoop routine. I started caring onto the stage. When I heard '' I like to move it move it'' I wanted to escape from the stage because I was one of the leaders for the hoop routine. Finally it was over and we started doing the forward roll stand up bow. The M.C said "Gymnasts you really did jump through those hoops to get that performance ready". I felt proud of my self because I didn't make a mistake.

Readers Theater by Makayla

I walked on stage bravely getting ready for the play. We got into our places and the Narrators started their lines 'Once upon a time there was a kind carpenter named Gepetto'. Then the play started. I had been waiting for a long time  when finally I said my first line and I felt like their were butterflies in my stomach. A little later on the play finished then we got into our places for the song Pinocchio by Maria Dallas. All of Readers Theatre were moving like puppets in the olden days. I wasn't expecting a song that went with the play Pinocchio.                                                                                                    

choir by bella

As I walked on stage I felt a little nervous. When I was in line Sasha and Rosie introduced my group. Rosie ran back into line.I waited for Mr Wright to pick up his guitar and we started to sing Frere Jacques for our first song. In the middle of the song I thought that I was going to forget my part but I didn't. I felt pleased because we sounded great. When we finished  the audience started clapping. Mr Wright started picking his guitar and we sang waltzing Matilda. That went pretty fast and everyone clapped. The next song was Canada in my Pocket. Rebecca walked over to the piano. She started to play the introduction and we started to sing. Last but not least was Somewhere over the Rainbow and Rebecca came back into position. The super six went out and I was feeling tired.  

Gymnastics by Bradley

As I was waiting to go on stage, I felt nervous. The kapa haka group started first.
After kapa haka finished it was gymnastics group to start.
When we started I thought to myself I hope I don't make a mistake. For the first routine
we had to do a cart-wheel, forward roll, a lean up, jump up, jump around and do a back wards roll.
When every one had finished the routine we went on to the other routine. The other routine was with hoops. With the hoops we held them in our hands like a steering-wheel walking across the
stage. We rolled it to our buddy then threw it to our buddy, then skipped for 3 seconds, spun it and
and swung the hoops with our arms. When the second routine finished we had to do the last routine to finish. The last routine was when six people had to forward roll on the stage and stand up straight and do a bow.When we had finished I felt happy. Then the audience clapped.

Dance from Shakayla

My hands were shaking it felt like I was locked in a freezer .I was excited on the floor.As soon as I heard Sasha and Rosie talk I couldn't stop smiling.When Chori Chori came on my stomach filling up with butterflies.When I was dancing my whole body wasn't  even nerves.I kept going.When Chori Chori finished my body seemed to kept dancing it kept cantroled it's slef.It kept going to the left.And it was still quite.When Coconut came on my arms droped and I and I rechared. I controlled and my arms my slef when I was dancing to Coconut I lost my engine then I turned around and Elee was there.She kept smiling at me.But I was still dancing.I felt happy because everyone in the audience they were dancing with us.When Coconut finshed.finally the next song Kothitanga.When it started my arms my legs hot hot hot I couldn't stand it.When my part was on I had to wave my hand side to side that part was the girls Haka.I was very scared because the audience were steering at Leilani and I with there big googly eyes it was frighted me but I kept groving and moving.In the middle of the dance whole nag koha was following Leilani.As Leilani raised her hand I followed as well. The audience turned there heads to Rosie and Sasha.When sasha was talking in the middle of it Sasha said put your hands togther for Kapa Haka,Gymnastics,Chori,Rederstherter And dance.But finally I got a break we finshed I saw my mum when I got to her she said im lucy I saw half of it but quickly your brother and sister are in the car harry I was glad my mum saw but I was dissapointed my family didn't.


Kapa Haka by Quinn

I was nervous when i went on the stage . We were about to do a song for KapaHaka. The first song was called Haere Mai And then we song it again the second song was called nga iwi e and we sung it again iswell. The crowd was staring at me. Bryn did the leading of the haka our first haka was called kamate kamate and then teka turnu. Finally. it finished 

Choir By Josiah

 The day of our first performance of our variety show had come! As I walked on to the stage,the audience was staring at me. Mr Wright began playing the guitar. Then we started singing our first song.  we had sung the song 2 times  Then we split up in our parts! Half were singing the French bit while the other half were doing the English bit, I was doing the French.Our first song was Frere Jacues*(*pronounced "Jaka'')from France, Waltzing Matilda was our second song from Aussie, Our third song was Canada in my pocket from Canada and Somewhere over the rainbow from Hawaii was our forth and final song. For the first two songs Mr. Wright strummed the guitar. for the third song Rebekah played the piano and for the last song, We had a song playing on the computer. And what a performance it was!!

choir by rosie

When i walk on stage i was so so nervous when i felt nervous my body just stop my heart was beating like a rhinos wobbly tummy. When we started singing Frere Jacque i felt really happy. Then Mr Wright started playing his guitar we all started singing waltzing Matilda we did a very good job of  waltzing Matilda. Rebekah went over to the piano and started playing Canada in my pocket ON THE PIANO Rebekah did a really good job on the piano. The last song of the night was somewhere over the rainbow.At the end everyone clap.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


When I was sitting  on the stage it seemed  like the audience  were laughing at us. It felt like i was going to faint . Suddenly Maia said the command the  whole of kapahaka went on to our  knees.What if I make a mistake I thought to myself ?  Etu  said Maia we all stood up. It was time to sing  Haere mai  when the song was over it was time to sing nga Iwi e . After the song it was the poi. I got scared because I  didn't think that I would be able to keep in time with the music when I take the other poi out but yay  I keeped in time with the music . After the poi had finished I had lost my voice  now it is time for the  boys to do  the haka after the haka are show was over I was happy and relieved that we had finished  and we walked off the stage feeling brave.

Monday, September 23, 2013

minecraft by liam

this is my boat that I made in the weekend and it took a long time to make it.                                                        This  is the minecraft sign that you find on minecraft.                                                                                        

The Choir by Dylan

As I walked on to the stage I said in my head "am I going to screw up". When I was on stage I saw lots of people that were looking at me, I have a hammer in my chest going bang, bang, bang. Mr  Wright was play his guitar. Frere Jacques was the 1st one, bang, bang, bang. Frere Jacques ended, we did Waltzing Matilda, Canada in my pocket, and Somewhere over the raibow. when it was the Dancing group, at the end we all stood up and did the  dancing. 

Gymnastics By Brooklyn

When I walked on the stage I saw all the face of the audience staring at me.I felt like my tummy had 100 butterflies in it.I felt like my head was going to burst because we had to remember all the actions.I had to do a floor routine, a hoop routine and the last one was a roly-poly while i was performing i felt sick because i have stage fright. I have never performed in front of  lots of  people before at the end of the show we put our arms up in the air.I felt proud because we were finished.The crowd clapped and cheered with smiles on their faces I knew they liked the show. 

Kapahaka. By Sienna.

My hands were trembling as I was sitting on the stage. I saw the faces from the crowd glaring at me. Then I felt a hard hammering feeling in my chest. I was so shy and I thought I would forget the song words in the tremendous performance. When all the Kapahaka
people were ready, Maia called out loud, "Taringa Whakarongo" and so everyone sat on their knees from sitting on their side. Then Maia called loud again "etu" and so everyone in Kapahaka people stood up and smiled. Mrs Lowe nodded her head at Paia and Aleesha then the two girls started to do a Karanga and all the girls did the wiri. When the two girls finished, Maia said "Hopi" and then said "Haere Mai Haere Mai toru wha"then everyone started to sing Haere Mai. When we had sung Haere Mai once Maia said "ano" so everyone sung Haere Mai again, when we went through Haere Mai the second time the back row of girls took a step into the front row and the front row of girls went to the back. I was in the row at first but then I turned into the back row. When the girls started the poi I felt sceared because the boys were sitting down and the audience could see us. we were holding our pois they were flying through the air. To finish our purformence the boys did the haka and it was very loud. When it was finished I felt proud of my self because we had been practising for a while and our practising paid of. I injoied myself.

Kapahaka by Liam

The crowd went silent and Aleesha and Paia did the karanga. I felt so scared because everyone was looking straight at my eyes. We started singing haere mai. The whole group sang loudly until haere mai was finished. Then we did Nga iwi e and that was boring and we ended with rua ana whati whati Hi!. The girls did the poi and nearly hit my head so I had to duck down and try not to get hit. Finally it was my time to shine. Bryn said 'Kia mau, Ka mate, ka mate ka ora ka ora. I felt tingly in my tummy. I was so relieved when it was over.

dance by corbyn

I was happy as I walked on stage. I said to my self I hope I don't forget my dance. I felt like its a dream but its not. Then everything went silent. Miss hill turned chori chori on, then we danced. At the start we waved our arms and then we had our arms like a chicken's wings. And when it was a third of the way through we moved our arms really fast up and down. luckily chori chori turned off. We got ready to dance to Coconut. We started off by making are hands look like we are hitting  drums. then coconut turned off, then kotanitanga turned on. When it was half way through the boys did the boys haka we slapped our thighs and brought our hands back. it was finished, I was relieved it was all over. 

Gymmastics by Quinn O

When  I  walked  on  to  the  stage I saw my coach in the crowd. I saw him smiling at us. I was happy when we were doing  the roly poly and   cart-wheels. I thought I  was going to crash  into Bradley when we were doing the roly poly and cart-wheels. My tummy felt sore and my heart was beating like a hammer. I was hoping that we were not going to make a mistake in the gymnastics show. At the end  we  all stood up and  did  five roly polys each  on  the  stage. Then  we  waited for  Rosie and Sasha to finish us off. I was happy because we were finished.  

The Readers Theatre by Ryleigh

Bom Bom Bom, my hart was pounding as fast as a bullet as I was waiting for choir to Finnish their song , over the rainbow. Oh no they have finnished I thought to my self, I was  also excited in a way. Readers Theatre walked onto the stage and then we got in our places, the M.C'S Sasha and Rosie said their lines ''the readers theater group will now present the very old story of Pinocchio, written over 130 years ago. At the end they will sing the song Pinoccho from the 1960's made famouse by Maria Dallas. Please join in the song,  if you are old enough to remember it". It felt like their was one  million people staring at me with exited faces. I was looking for my friend Nakita, suddenly I found her right there in the middle. Oh no I forgot my words, I heard Alex say "Pinocchio it is true you are, I just remembered at that point and joined in, beautiful and with my magic wand i will give you life for 24 hours. I felt so imbarest after that because Mrs Kelly looked at me in an evil way.I hid behind Astella's wheel chair and hoped knowone would see me 
(but they did)"pinocchio I want you to be a brave honest and generus boy, to always be a real boy you must prove you can be a good son so every time you tell a lie you're nose will grow and when you tell the truth it will become normal again. After the play, Pinocchio, we sang the song pinocchio" do you love me pinoccio tell me..." the song ended and we all froze like statues then the audiance started claping. Rosie started speaking, the audiance clapped once more as a song came on to tell Readers Theatre to get off the stage. We went to sit down on the mats, I waited pationtly as we waited for the dance group to get ready on the stage. When the dance group was ready Sasha introdused them. The dance group  started dancing to their first song chiri chiri, then they danced to coconut from the palm trees in samoa. after that they danced to Kotahitanga well... we all did, sitting down of course. At the end Nga Kaho all standed up at the end and did the rest of the dance, Leilani put her hand in the air and Nga Kaho all did the same because we did a bowl. The  M.Cs ended the show, and that was the end of that, PHEW

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dancing Group by leilani

I walked on stage Mrs Miller told us to stand in our positions. when the the song (chori chori ) started my body tingled with excitement.I brought my hands up and put them back down,my hands were moving,my legs were moving my whole body was moving. The next song was (coconut) we all pretended to bang on the drums.I looked out in the audience and I felt really nervous.I thought that aliens were staring at me. the next song was kotahitaga I brought my hands up and did a pose and started doing a pose then we kept on dancing.I had a really fun day with my dancing group.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kapahaka by Maia

MY hands were trembling. I felt like I didn't want to be there. Then Mrs Lowe nodded at me. My brain went all fuzzy as if I was going to forget my line. My brain went black just as the words flew out of mouth "Taringa whakarongo!!". The crowed started to clap and cheer! Paia and Aleesha started calling out the Kgaaran.Then I had to start off Haere mai. "Haere mai, haere mai - toru, wha". The audience started to clap and cheer as we  finished singing Haere Mai.    

The next song was nga iwi e and I had to start it off. "Nag iwi e- toru,wha I called out. We heard a loud applause coming from the crowed.  It was time for the poi and I had to start this one off too!

Hoki,Hoki tono mai toru wha. We started doing the poi. The poi came to an end and I had to finish it of with  the conting down in Morai "Ka tahi ka rua ka toru ka wha". Everybody clapped.

I gave the signal for the boys to stand up, "etu". Bryn started the haka. The haka came to an end.Then Connor said "etu" and we had to stand up. Rosie and Sasha finished it off , "give it up one more time for nga kaho kapa haka", everyone started to clap again. I walked off stage feeling very proud.

The Kapahaka Group by kyro

When I walked onto the stage I saw the faces of the audience staring at me.  I was a bit shy because I saw Mr G smiling at me. It made me feel proud of myself.  Then we did the Kapahaka. Paia and Alesha did the Karanga  and then we started to sing Harere mai and Nga  iwi e that we had been practising for six weeks. Next we sang our song called hoki hoki for our poi. The boys went onto the haka. Then we walked off the stage, Sasha said "girls your poi was graceful, boys you nearly brought the roof down. I was happy when I walked off. 

choir by lucas

As I nervously walked on stage I saw twenty one faces looking directly at me.

I looked at my conductor Mr wright and we started singing our songs. As I started sing my song I was afraid I was going to forget my words.

Are first song was a french song called frere jacques. we had a french side and a English side. I was in the french side.   

Are seconed was a astraliyan song called waltzing matilda and it was about a swag man who campted by a coolaba tree.

As rebeca walked of stage towards the pino I got ready to sing canda in my poket. I was afrade I was going to forget when to come in.

Are last song was from the islands. there was a group of six people called the super six. 

Readers theatre by Sasha

My hands were trembling as I took a step Into the hall.I had my MC script and the Pinocchio story book in my hands.As the group sat down I walked over to the podium.I looked for my parents but they weren't there. Their was a voice in my head saying, come on mum come on dad hurry up!! I felt a shiver run down my spine. Then I saw Rosie coming up to me with her MC script.she waved and stood beside me. I saw my parents and friends sitting down. I felt a little better just seeing them.

After Kapahaka,Gym and choir did their performances it was Readers Theater's time to shine. As the music was on the group piled on the stage as well as me. We stood in our places and waited for Rosie to introduce Readers theater group. When Rosie had finished there was no sound at all. Then the Narrators nudged each other as a signal to start. I opened the book and suddenly big eels started swimming in my stomach. I remembered there was a gap between the stage and the wall. " I'm going to fall off !!! A screaming voice was in my head.
The play went on and on. It seemed it would go on and on forever. Finally the play ended I closed the book and gave it to Mrs Kelly and stood in another place like the other children ( in the play group) 

The music started and the group started to dance and sing  like a puppet.The song was called  Pinocchio made by maria Dallas in the 1960's. Some adults sang with us. The song ended and the play group stood in a pose of a puppet and everyone clapped.

The group got of and I walked to the podium phew !! Its over I said. I saw my parents smiling at me. I felt really proud ! 
   The End   

Kapa haka by kyra

The audience went quiet as Rosemary and Sasha introduced the kapahaka group. "Taringa Whakarongo" Maia cried out into the hall and all the girls began to wiri. Alesha and Paia did the Karanga "Haere mai, Haere mai, e nga iwi e, Haere mai" We started our first song, Haere mai. I was scared I would forget the words because there were so much people looking at me.

The next song was Nga Ewi E. In the middle of the song I nearly forgot the actions.  At the end of the song we were in our position to do the poi while singing Hoki, Hoki.

As I got the poi out I thought to myself "I hope the poi doesn't fling onto one of the adults I had butterflies in my tummy getting bigger and bigger because everyone was looking at me.

The boys stood up and did the haka Kamate and Tika Tonu. They were all very loud and at the end there
was a clap for them.Walking of the stage I was very proud of myself.

Sasha and Rosemary finished it of by saying "wow, Girls your poi was graceful and boys you nearly brought the roof done with that haka. The audience started to clap and I walked off the stage felling very proud of myself.

Dance by Leilani

Monday, September 16, 2013

Readers theatre by Ezra

As Readers theater walked on stage my heart started thumping against my chest.I slowly walked to the part on the stage were the Stromboli sat.I felt butterflies in my stomach .Then the narrators started
Us off once upon a time there was a kind carpenter named Gepetto;.Taylor who was the voice of Gepetto started Cameron off who was the actor.Then it was nearly our turn it felt gurgly in my stomach. This is it i thought then i got on stage and started to act while saying my lines my name is stromboli comein come in ladies and gentle man come in and see our puppet show.Then it was our last line then take these coins tou danced very well.After the show readers theater danced to Maria Dallas song.Then it was finished finally i thought then we walked off stage.

Choir By Rebekah

The audience became silent and Sasha and Rosemary introduced my group, the choir.  My heart thumped and my hands trembled.  The butterflies in my stomach became bigger and bigger.  I didn't want to be there but it was too late to even try to get off the stage.

As Mr Wright started picking his guitar, we started singing Frere Jacques.  The audience turned and some started singing with us. The nervousness began to go away and the song finished.  The crowd clapped loudly and Mr Wright started off the next song, Waltzing  Matilda.

Hopefully I won't forget my words, I thought to myself.  Luckily I didn't.  Again the crowd clapped and Mr Wright looked at me.

That was the signal.  My body tingled as I slipped off the stage and down the steps to the piano.  This is it I thought to myself as I pulled the piano stool out and set my music up.  I just had to find the right pedal and wait for Mr Wright's other signal to start.  My hands sweated and Mr Wright  gave me the signal.  I started playing the introduction to Canada in my Pocket.  The singing started and after I played the last bit of the song it finished.  I felt proud of myself for finishing the song without making any big mistakes.  

Quickly I rushed back to my place and started singing the next song Somewhere over the Rainbow.  The crowd clapped loudly and Sasha finished our performance saying, "Wow I could listen to that singing all night.  Rebekah your piano playing was superb and Mr Wright that was pretty good guitar picking."

Camping by Kyra

My Mum, Dad, brother, my friend Georgia and I went camping and this is a picture of us all eating strawberries with icing sugar in the morning. We are at Kiropaponga camping site and other friends came with us.

At Ohope Beach

This is Caroline and I at Ohope beach eating nachos.  On this holiday we slept in a tent, it was really fun.