Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Sand Dunes By Rebekah

In the holidays Mum took us to Levin but we actually stayed in Foxton (which is about 20 minutes from Levin).  We slept in bunks, which is really fun apart from when your big sister keeps on rocking the bed too much.  I liked coming home to the bach every night and organizing my bed.  One night I was really lucky,(since I always wish I could sleep on the top,) my big sister went and stayed at my aunty's so I got to sleep on the top bunk with my little sister sleeping on the bottom.  In the morning while my little sister and I were still in bed we passed notes to each other with my rope.  One morning we got to go to the sand dunes.  My legs got sore from climbing the steep sand dunes.  Unfortunately it wasn't a very nice day but we still really enjoyed it. 


  1. Thanks Rebekah for posting that photo and story about your holiday in Foxton. There is something special about being on the top bunk when your young. When you get old like me though, you tend to like the bottom bunk better, a sign you're getting older (sigh). From Mrs Lowe

  2. really cool story Rebekah. iv'e always wanted to sleep on the top of the bunk as well but i can't cause my older brother has to isn't it so annoying when you want to do something but the other person dose it ?
    - sasha


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