Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Deserts. By Sienna

I am the frog in a dog, and today is the day that we are off to see deserts. Let's leave right away. You may think that deserts are empty and bare, the things we will find there insects and lizards, flowers and snow. Want to see for yourself? Buckle up and let's go! Why are deserts dry? I will glad to explain. There are vary few clouds above them to bring rain. Without clouds, there is nothing to block the sun's light or to hold the heat in, so it gets cold at night. The air is so dry any rain deserts get dries up right away, so they do not stay wet. Without water, surviving in deserts is rough. Plants, insects and animals need to be tough. In day time, small animals stay underground. Later on, when it is cooler, they move above ground. Kangaroos lick their arms to help cool off their skin, then each digs a hole in the ground and climbs in.


  1. Wow, Sienna, you have written interesting facts about deserts. I liked how you mentioned about the kangaroos licking their arms to help keep cool.
    It sounds as though you are feeling better, since you have posted this on the blog. We have the House song competition tomorrow.
    Wish us all luck, although I expect you want your house to win.
    Have a good holiday and come back fighting fit.
    From Mrs Lowe

  2. Wow Sienna that is a great story. From Brooklyn


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