Thursday, July 4, 2013

hunting by liam

On Saturday I  was so excited to go to my uncle's farm to go hunting for my birthday. Dad and I  got ready and  went to cashes-bush, and it was a long way to get to cashes bush. When we got there I felt really sick.  I had to go and open the gate so I could let my dad  through. Dad parked the car by a tall  tree and got the hunting bags for me so I could put my stuff in them. I said to my dad can we go now he said OK  we can go so we walked right to the top of the hill and look for some pigs or deer's, I saw a big  pig so my  dad walked down and he waited for it to come closer so he could shoot it and it finally came closer and dad shot it. I ran up to  it and was still  alive so dad shot him in the head so he could put him out of his misery. Dad gutter the pig  so it wasn't to heavy .  Dad said meet me  at the top off  the hill in a puff voice with the pig on his  back." I said ok Dad" but when I  got to the top of the hill, dad fell  down and  rolled his ankle and I had to  help Dad get up and try lift him up on to his feet. Dad got up said stay by me incase I fall  down  again ,"I said yep" in a panicing voice then I saw the top of the hill and I said to Dad I can see the top of the hill yes we are at the top. I can see the car so we walked to the car and  put the pig in the back of the car and we started the car and we drove to my uncle house.   My uncle said to come over to the killing shed so we can weigh it and it was 175lbs boar cool. I was so proud.


  1. that story is cool and aomsome

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