Monday, August 12, 2013

THE CATCH by Bradley

One summers morning a boy who lived in a village was fishing in a little pond. He was waiting and waiting for a fish to tug on his bait on the hook. Suddenly he felt a tug on his line. He had a smile on his face.  He looked at the fish and looked disappointed because it was too small and it wouldn't feed his whole family. He looked back at the village.He stood up and then heard a  strange noise coming from the bush. He walked over to the bush and cautiously parted the banana leaves. He slipped out his knife and walked to the fox and cut the stalk and let the fox free. 

The fox pounced around him and the boy slowly walked back. Then the fox jumped onto him and sniffed the boy. The fox smelt some fish and ran to the basket and saw a fish.  He scooped it up with his sharp teeth and ran away. The fox lead him through a long thorny bush. 

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