Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Catch By Sasha

The fox ran and ran until it came to a big thorny tunnel. It looked back only to see the boy coming closer. The fox crawled under the thorns. The boy came to the tunnel and looked back at the 
village he lived in. Should I go or not he asked himself . Then he gave a determined look and thought to himself I need that fish no matter what! He ducked down and started army crawling. He saw some light and crawled even faster. He tried to get out but he got 
stuck in the vines. 
The boy pulled and pulled to get out. Once he got out he saw the fox run into a log. The boy jumped onto the log and crawled along it until he got to the end of the log. He looked into the log but he could only see pitch black. Omph !!! The boy was tackled to the ground. This was the foxes chance. The fox ran out of reach but the boy got up and started running after the fox. He jumped swung leaped rolled and sprinted. He tried to grab the fox but he couldn't. the fox kept running and the boy followed him until he came to a mountain. They started climbing it. The boy nearly fell off, gripping the mountain. His hat fell off but the boy didn't mind he swung and climbed back up. When he reached the top there was a thick layer of mist.    

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