Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Adventure on Feather Forest Island By Rebekah

We walked through under the rich red rose arch with pink roses curved over on the top on the rough concrete path.  Our eyes grew wide as we entered a place we had never seen before.  There before us stood a GIGANTIC ostrich.  It suddenly said something that made me jump. "Get out of here!"it blurted out.  Janine whispered  something that gave me an idea. I thought. I knew it would be rude to talk back but I knew I'd have to.  "How do we get back?"I said as quickly as I could.  "Go talk to the pheasant, but she won't listen," the ostrich said grumpily trying to make us not be bothered,  But of course we went. Sasha reminded me. "Be careful about what you say."  I knew exactly what I was going to do.  We finally finished the five minute walk to the pheasant.  She kindly said " ignore that old ostrich, he's the meanest on feather forest island.""You mean were on feather forest island, where are we?" Sasha said nearly forgetting her manners.   "How do we get back?" Janine asked.  "There is no way back,"she replied.  "Come with me, I'll show you all around."  The horse had been waiting very patiently to have her turn to speak.  " If there is no way back , where will we stay?" The horse said in a loud croaky voice.  "That's one bit I am about to show you," she replied.  As we walked, all that could be heard was the sound of the trotting of the horse and the chirping of the birds, then Sasha broke the silence. "All I can hear is really annoying sound of chirping birds." " Well you going to have to get used to it cause your going to live here" the pheasant said back.  We soon reached a big log house looking thing on a big green bushy tree.  It had a rail on each side of the set steps leading up to the exciting looking tree house.  As we walked up the set of steps we were lead by the pheasant and the horse.  I was following at the back in case it was a terrible sight.  Just then I slipped head over heals over the rail, with bump I landed flat on my bottom.  "Are you alright?" Janine laughed.  " Sure am," I laughed back. "Maybe just a bruise on my backside." I got up and rushed to catch up with the others.  The others had already reached the top and were waiting for me."Slow coach,"Sasha jeered.  I reached the top of the steps finally.  Janine reckoned there were about one hundred steps but I thought maybe about fifty.   We nearly fainted at the sight.  "It's a mess! It's just like my brother's bedroom,"I exclaimed."  Lets get to work!""Oh what!" Janine groaned."You'll have to." "I guess so,"Janine grumbled.  We got to work and within a couple of hours it was completed.  Sasha, the pheasant and the horse sat down on the couch and chattered, while Janine set the table and I made a lunch of pineapple pizza.  Luckily there was food already there because we were not prepared.  I finally finished cooking pizza and served them onto five plates and put them on the table.  We sat down and ate them with out making a sound.  I got up from the table and gathered the plates, knives and forks and Sasha helped wash, dry and put them away.  Once we had finished we all decided about what to do next.  We decided to explore the tree hut.  Janine found a hole and lent a bit to far in and... "HELP!"  " Oh," Sasha said with a smile on her face.  The pheasant gathered us around and she told us," You two come with me and Horse stay here and guard the house."  She lead us to the hole where Janine fell into.  " OWLOLLYLOPPYLOLLYPOP," said a cheerful voice of Janine.  "Can I stay back with the horse," Sasha asked looking scared.  "NO!" said the pheasant strictly.  We slid down the hole.  It was like the hydro slide  at Onekawa pools.  It wasn't just black had heaps of other colours it seemed like it would never end.  Finally there was a streak of light and there stood Janine.  "Close your eye's and DO NOT peek," Janine commanded.  "PLEASE can open them it sounds SO exciting,"Sasha pleaded.  "Were here!" Janine said excitedly after she had dragged us along the dusty path.  We looked around with wide open eyes.  Some fluffy little chicks plodded to us along with some tiny yellow ducklings.  "They're so cute!!" Sasha joyfully said.  "Look! Right over there,"Janine yelled.  There in front of us was a huge pond filled with ducks, kingfishers, swans and geese.  They were so noisy we couldn't hear each other.  "How do we get back up,"Sasha screamed.  "Come, I'll show you where," the pheasant shouted back.  We were lead back to the gigantic slide we had just been down.  She told us to sit back on it and soon enough we were back in the tree hut.  Suddenly something struck Janine" what is you twos name? she asked the pheasant and the horse.  "Mine is Cindy,"the pheasant answered .  "And mine is Sandy," the horse replied.  "OK Cindy and Sandy do you want to live with us?," Janine asked.  "Sure"they said at the same time.  We had a picnic afternoon tea under one of the trees near the arch where the we had first entered into.  Suddenly we heard a drowning grumbling voice coming from the top of a hill.  "HELP, HELP, HELP".  We rushed over to the hill where the drowning voice came from.  There in front of us the mean old ostrich fell down on the top of the hill with a thump.  We could hear the rushing water on the other side of the hill.  The ostrich finally said his last words.  "Geeettt ouutt of heerree,"The ostrich spluttered.  "She doomed,"Sasha laughed.  "Hey, why don't we push her down to the arch and bury her there where we first met " I suggested.  " Yeah lets do it,"Janine shouted.  "Seriously she is so heavy, I wonder what she's been eating?"Sasha said.  "Hey why don't we push here down the hill and into the river,  she'll sink and so we won't see her. Come on."  We  pushed here down and she rolled into the river.  "Now we will live happily ever after,"Janine said relieved.  "You mean happily never after,  look she has had babies.  I corrected her.  "Oh no"  Sasha shouted.


  1. Wow Rebekah it looks like u put a lot of effort into that writing and I wish I could write like that. From Sienna.

  2. that was a lot of effort there Rebekah just check your story one more time though you may need to fix some sentences - Sasha


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