Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I gasped as my eye brows raised. Such a magnificent place glazed upon my eyes. I walked along with Kyra, Emma, Victoria and poppy the horse as our feet sunk in all the candy floss. Suddenly, I realized we were not on our own. I saw lolly shape shadows scuttle along the walls. The bushes and trees started to rumble as my friends and I were wondering what was going on. Then it popped in to my head. We were in candy land!!! The rumbling finally stopped as a old happy man tumbled out of a jelly bush and presented in a very trendy voice "Welcome to candy land."
 There were big jet planes flying high up over the top of our tiny heads. There standing right in front of us was the magnificent candy tower (don don don!) We had amazed looks on our faces as our hands chipped little pieces of white chocolate off the bridge.We noticed something that looked amazing. It  was a chocolate fountain! We scurried over there as quickly as our little feet could carry us.  As we were all pigging away at the chocolate fountain I notice a faint voice coming from a  deep dark hole . I walked to where the sound was coming from. The voice got louder as I came to a deep and very dark hole. Thee others gathered around me.We all stared at the deep dark hole that lay upon our eyes. I heard that same voice. Just then, I  realised that the sound was coming from the hole. I said to all thee others "Well what are you waiting for " I said in a rush. Kyra said tyring to be funny " I am waiting for something awesome to happen! Wonder where she gets it from" I said turning to Emma. "Well stop mucking around... Lets jump!" So we all helled hands and JUMPED!!! "ah" Victoria screamed and we all said at the same time.. 'Stop being a wuss Victoria!" " om pf" she sighed. "Okay." Bang! We fell to the bottom of the hole. We stood up as the dirt raised. Jaffa walls surrounded us.We tried to fined an exit door then we heard a faint voice coming from a dark corner. "Is any one there?" I whispered ." It's just me, a little gummy bear." They replied in a shy voice as she came out of a dark corner. "I was getting apprehended by two mongoose and fell down this deep dark hole".... She began and Emma blurted out almost forgetting her manners "come on lets get I mean, well why don't we help this little cutey" she said try to forget that she was rude. "Now that's the spirit Emma. Three two one Let's go!" Suddenly an ever so thin rope slid carefully down the hole. A voice from the surface said "grab holed." It was the gentleman who welcome us to candy land and he even brang his gummy bear army. "Golly gosh" I whispered to myself as we got pulled up to the surface. We finally got pulled up and we stuffed our face with candy.     The End.

Created for you by Maia Bassett.


  1. Wow! You just blue my socks off!

  2. What a great piece of writing. You captured me from your first sentence and I just wanted to keep reading and reading. Thank you for sharing your writing.

  3. Wow, it looks like u put a lot of effort into that writing and I wish I could write something like that. From Sienna.


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