Thursday, June 27, 2013

Duck shooting by Liam

Yesterday I  felt  so excited about going duck shooting at my favourite place with my cousin, dad and uncle. When we arrived at the lake there were a large group of ducks covering the lake so my dad stood up, aimed and fired at three nice mallards. Boom! Boom! Boom! Then I said to my dad "That was some nice shooting." My dog Coco quickly retrieved  the duck but Coco didn't get all of the ducks back. A big flock of ducks was swarming over the lake. My dad scared them away with the loud noise of his gun.  Then a big group of ducks came down into shooting range. My uncle shot 2 duck mallard in one shot. then my dog coco retrieved the to ducks and I was so excited because we shot 5 ducks yum. 


  1. hey laim what a cool story i think that should be showen to all of the teachers

  2. Awesome job.
    This was very interesting.
    Great words you used as well.
    Well done.


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