Friday, June 14, 2013

Adventure in the ball pit By Sasha

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Adventure In The Ball Pit.
I gasped as I saw a wonderful  sight in front of me. In the corner of my eye I saw a ball pit it seemed so deep.I shivered maybe this wasn't a safe place after all. suddenly an invisible castle became visible. four girls came out hi - hi  hi - hi the two younger girls name is Sasha i name is  Rebekah and her name is Janine. said Rebekah well Janine and Rebekah I have just found this place can you show me around ? I asked politely then the two other girls came out who are you and what do you want? her name is Sasha shouted Rebekah. she just found this place Janine added jumping up and down. OK OK enough girls well my name is dawn and this is my sister Karen. nice to meet you Sasha.these are our little sisters there always jumping up and down full of energy. suddenly I started  walking slowly towards the big deep ball pit w-w-what is this I stammered . Oh that's just the old ball pit , nobody goes in there said dawn. when I was a little girl I used to slide down it then one  day i got stuck my dad had to take me out. wow was that freaky? you bet it was. dawn replied.well does anyone want to go in it ?asked Karen she had an exited expression on her face. NO!! Dawn blurted. please Dawn please !! Rebekah pleaded. Yeah! come on say yes say yes Karen shouted.oh come on Dawn please ! said Janine there was a lot of shouting and noise the stamped his foot so hard and  left. Dawn shouted all right all right we go in but only on one condition what is it everyone shouted at the same time (except for dawn ). then we all including Dawn  burst into laughter. can i go first shouted Dawn  still laughing  OK said every one after we had stopped laughing. Then we all got up and started walking slowly towards the ball pit. here we go said dawn as we reached the ball pit.we got in one by one. woo screamed dawn . back in the tunnel full of water. what do you mean dawn ? asked  Janine.  I mean this tunnel is full of water. so I'm saying  back in the tunnel full of water. here it comes!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh shouted Rebekah wosssshhhh !!!!!!!!!!! a load of water came rushing past us soaking us but then we realized  that it wasn't water but chocolate uh oh said dawn trouble. um said Karen softly then slowly  she began to rise her voice. DAWN!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to destroy you . what it was just chocolate but this is my new dress and mums going to be mad . well don't worry there is water coming so you won't be covered in chocolate  any more. i forgot that there was chocolate first. great now there is going to water i said. yep if dawn says so. well i hope  you aren't joking Dawn said Janine. I'm not Dawn said frustrated by everyone . swoosh.we went past something but it wasn't water it was balls ouch ouch ouch everyone complained. well Dawn do you have something to say to us. Rebekah said strictly.  well it has been a long time since I've been in here now let me see whats coming next. Noooo!!!! Noo!!!NOO!!!our voices echoed. woossh !!  oh no what was it this time shrieked Janine. she had her eyes closed well it seems like water said Rebekah.then suddenly  bump bump bump bump !!! we all landed in a heap well lets go cried karen. mummy screamed Dawn. oh no she has lost her mind again. said karen. she always losses her mind after she tastes chocolate all she needs is a little pill. glug glug glug. she drank up all the water wth the pill. Karen said Dawn after a little while. yay everyone screamed of joy. now can i show you my room ? asked Rebekah me to screamed Janine .            


  1. It looked like you worked super hard on your story Sasha. From Makayla

    1. it took me a week to finish it makayla


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