Wednesday, June 26, 2013

candy land by Makayla

We walked under a colorful rainbow and found ourselves in a wonderful place. It was candy land.There were ice cream and ice block trees also there were gumdrop rocks.There were chocolate people who lived in lamington houses with white chocolate windows.We saw a peppermint sun. All of us walked over to the chocolate people and said "How are you today""we are great today they replied."very nice weather we are having today" "yes all of us replied.Well we will be on our way now I said.bye everyone nice meeting you and we skipped along the rainbow gumdrop path.Bella saw some beautiful birds in the sky she said "look everyone there are some beautiful birds in the sky.Next Victoria saw some ears behind a bush.It was a gummy-bear. We stood at the top of a tunnel.We all took a deep breath and jumped into the tunnel screaming.We flipped over and over and keep face planting into gum-balls.We fall over and a rainbow lollipop stuck to our faces.Then we all looked up and saw 100's of gum-balls.We thought for a minute.All of us came up with the same idea.We will climb the gum-balls.We all climbed the gum-balls. All of us slipped but luckily there were lollipops that we haled onto.The lollipops helped us climb up the gumball pits and we popped out the top of the pits we all shouted "we made it out of the pits.


  1. Wow, it looks like u put a lot of effort in that writing and I wish I could write something like that. From Sienna.

    1. Thank you Sienna I did put a lot of effort in my writing from Makayla.


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