Tuesday, June 25, 2013


 On Sunday the 23rd of June my grandma and pop came to our house for lunch, with my uncle Jono and two of my cousins Connor and Liam. After lunch we all went to the airport in Napier, because grandma and pop were going on holiday to Canada. After grandma and pop checked in thier bags, we sat and waited for thier plane. While we were waiting  mum took a photo of me my brother Noah, my sister Addison, my two cousins Connor and Liam and my grandma and pop. Soon after that grandma and pop were called to board their plane. Everyone gave grandma and pop a kiss and a cuddle. Next they lined up to get on the plane, we waved to them until we couldn't see them. Grandma and pop were waiting for it to take off, us kids then ran up the stairs to get a better view. Next minute the plane started moving along the runway then lifted into the air. Grandma and pop were finally off on their holiday to Canada. While they are on holiday my pop is going to turn sixty and on the same day they will be married for forty years. I hope they have a great holiday, I wonder if they will bring me back a surprise.


  1. Awesome recount of 'At the airport', Sienna. It sounded exciting seeing your grandparents off like that, and especially hearing that they will be celebrating your Pop's 60th birthday and 40 years of marriage while on holiday. From Mrs Lowe

  2. Awesome story Sienna! I wonder if they WILL bring you back something special?

  3. awesome SIENNA from your bff BROOKLYN


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