Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kapahaka by Maia

MY hands were trembling. I felt like I didn't want to be there. Then Mrs Lowe nodded at me. My brain went all fuzzy as if I was going to forget my line. My brain went black just as the words flew out of mouth "Taringa whakarongo!!". The crowed started to clap and cheer! Paia and Aleesha started calling out the Kgaaran.Then I had to start off Haere mai. "Haere mai, haere mai - toru, wha". The audience started to clap and cheer as we  finished singing Haere Mai.    

The next song was nga iwi e and I had to start it off. "Nag iwi e- toru,wha I called out. We heard a loud applause coming from the crowed.  It was time for the poi and I had to start this one off too!

Hoki,Hoki tono mai toru wha. We started doing the poi. The poi came to an end and I had to finish it of with  the conting down in Morai "Ka tahi ka rua ka toru ka wha". Everybody clapped.

I gave the signal for the boys to stand up, "etu". Bryn started the haka. The haka came to an end.Then Connor said "etu" and we had to stand up. Rosie and Sasha finished it off , "give it up one more time for nga kaho kapa haka", everyone started to clap again. I walked off stage feeling very proud.


  1. cool story maia. you did well at the variaty show i enjoyed it ryleigh

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  3. Nice story from your friend Brooklyn


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