Monday, September 23, 2013

Kapahaka. By Sienna.

My hands were trembling as I was sitting on the stage. I saw the faces from the crowd glaring at me. Then I felt a hard hammering feeling in my chest. I was so shy and I thought I would forget the song words in the tremendous performance. When all the Kapahaka
people were ready, Maia called out loud, "Taringa Whakarongo" and so everyone sat on their knees from sitting on their side. Then Maia called loud again "etu" and so everyone in Kapahaka people stood up and smiled. Mrs Lowe nodded her head at Paia and Aleesha then the two girls started to do a Karanga and all the girls did the wiri. When the two girls finished, Maia said "Hopi" and then said "Haere Mai Haere Mai toru wha"then everyone started to sing Haere Mai. When we had sung Haere Mai once Maia said "ano" so everyone sung Haere Mai again, when we went through Haere Mai the second time the back row of girls took a step into the front row and the front row of girls went to the back. I was in the row at first but then I turned into the back row. When the girls started the poi I felt sceared because the boys were sitting down and the audience could see us. we were holding our pois they were flying through the air. To finish our purformence the boys did the haka and it was very loud. When it was finished I felt proud of my self because we had been practising for a while and our practising paid of. I injoied myself.

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  1. I loved your words in the story Sienna from Shakayla


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