Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dance from Shakayla

My hands were shaking it felt like I was locked in a freezer .I was excited on the floor.As soon as I heard Sasha and Rosie talk I couldn't stop smiling.When Chori Chori came on my stomach filling up with butterflies.When I was dancing my whole body wasn't  even nerves.I kept going.When Chori Chori finished my body seemed to kept dancing it kept cantroled it's slef.It kept going to the left.And it was still quite.When Coconut came on my arms droped and I and I rechared. I controlled and my arms my slef when I was dancing to Coconut I lost my engine then I turned around and Elee was there.She kept smiling at me.But I was still dancing.I felt happy because everyone in the audience they were dancing with us.When Coconut finshed.finally the next song Kothitanga.When it started my arms my legs hot hot hot I couldn't stand it.When my part was on I had to wave my hand side to side that part was the girls Haka.I was very scared because the audience were steering at Leilani and I with there big googly eyes it was frighted me but I kept groving and moving.In the middle of the dance whole nag koha was following Leilani.As Leilani raised her hand I followed as well. The audience turned there heads to Rosie and Sasha.When sasha was talking in the middle of it Sasha said put your hands togther for Kapa Haka,Gymnastics,Chori,Rederstherter And dance.But finally I got a break we finshed I saw my mum when I got to her she said im lucy I saw half of it but quickly your brother and sister are in the car harry I was glad my mum saw but I was dissapointed my family didn't.


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