Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gymnastics by Bradley

As I was waiting to go on stage, I felt nervous. The kapa haka group started first.
After kapa haka finished it was gymnastics group to start.
When we started I thought to myself I hope I don't make a mistake. For the first routine
we had to do a cart-wheel, forward roll, a lean up, jump up, jump around and do a back wards roll.
When every one had finished the routine we went on to the other routine. The other routine was with hoops. With the hoops we held them in our hands like a steering-wheel walking across the
stage. We rolled it to our buddy then threw it to our buddy, then skipped for 3 seconds, spun it and
and swung the hoops with our arms. When the second routine finished we had to do the last routine to finish. The last routine was when six people had to forward roll on the stage and stand up straight and do a bow.When we had finished I felt happy. Then the audience clapped.

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