Monday, September 23, 2013

The Readers Theatre by Ryleigh

Bom Bom Bom, my hart was pounding as fast as a bullet as I was waiting for choir to Finnish their song , over the rainbow. Oh no they have finnished I thought to my self, I was  also excited in a way. Readers Theatre walked onto the stage and then we got in our places, the M.C'S Sasha and Rosie said their lines ''the readers theater group will now present the very old story of Pinocchio, written over 130 years ago. At the end they will sing the song Pinoccho from the 1960's made famouse by Maria Dallas. Please join in the song,  if you are old enough to remember it". It felt like their was one  million people staring at me with exited faces. I was looking for my friend Nakita, suddenly I found her right there in the middle. Oh no I forgot my words, I heard Alex say "Pinocchio it is true you are, I just remembered at that point and joined in, beautiful and with my magic wand i will give you life for 24 hours. I felt so imbarest after that because Mrs Kelly looked at me in an evil way.I hid behind Astella's wheel chair and hoped knowone would see me 
(but they did)"pinocchio I want you to be a brave honest and generus boy, to always be a real boy you must prove you can be a good son so every time you tell a lie you're nose will grow and when you tell the truth it will become normal again. After the play, Pinocchio, we sang the song pinocchio" do you love me pinoccio tell me..." the song ended and we all froze like statues then the audiance started claping. Rosie started speaking, the audiance clapped once more as a song came on to tell Readers Theatre to get off the stage. We went to sit down on the mats, I waited pationtly as we waited for the dance group to get ready on the stage. When the dance group was ready Sasha introdused them. The dance group  started dancing to their first song chiri chiri, then they danced to coconut from the palm trees in samoa. after that they danced to Kotahitanga well... we all did, sitting down of course. At the end Nga Kaho all standed up at the end and did the rest of the dance, Leilani put her hand in the air and Nga Kaho all did the same because we did a bowl. The  M.Cs ended the show, and that was the end of that, PHEW

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