Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Readers Theatre by Aniela

I walked onto the stage and I saw the faces of the audience staring at me. I saw my mum and it seemed  like she was glaring at me.The narrators  started the play,''Once upon a time there was a kind carpenter named Gepetto".When the play had finished we sang 'Do you love me pinocchio' by Maria Dallas. 
The audience cheered loudly.  After the audience had stopped cheering Rosemary spoke and then we walked off the stage.

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  1. Hi Aniela. What a good story you wrote explaining what it was like for you doing your first show in front of a large audience. You did a great job as a narrator and learnt your lines and you knew all the other lines too! We all enjoyed the variety show but my favourite part was definitely the Readers Theatre.
    Love Mum xx


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