Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kapa haka by kyra

The audience went quiet as Rosemary and Sasha introduced the kapahaka group. "Taringa Whakarongo" Maia cried out into the hall and all the girls began to wiri. Alesha and Paia did the Karanga "Haere mai, Haere mai, e nga iwi e, Haere mai" We started our first song, Haere mai. I was scared I would forget the words because there were so much people looking at me.

The next song was Nga Ewi E. In the middle of the song I nearly forgot the actions.  At the end of the song we were in our position to do the poi while singing Hoki, Hoki.

As I got the poi out I thought to myself "I hope the poi doesn't fling onto one of the adults I had butterflies in my tummy getting bigger and bigger because everyone was looking at me.

The boys stood up and did the haka Kamate and Tika Tonu. They were all very loud and at the end there
was a clap for them.Walking of the stage I was very proud of myself.

Sasha and Rosemary finished it of by saying "wow, Girls your poi was graceful and boys you nearly brought the roof done with that haka. The audience started to clap and I walked off the stage felling very proud of myself.

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