Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Choir By Josiah

 The day of our first performance of our variety show had come! As I walked on to the stage,the audience was staring at me. Mr Wright began playing the guitar. Then we started singing our first song.  we had sung the song 2 times  Then we split up in our parts! Half were singing the French bit while the other half were doing the English bit, I was doing the French.Our first song was Frere Jacues*(*pronounced "Jaka'')from France, Waltzing Matilda was our second song from Aussie, Our third song was Canada in my pocket from Canada and Somewhere over the rainbow from Hawaii was our forth and final song. For the first two songs Mr. Wright strummed the guitar. for the third song Rebekah played the piano and for the last song, We had a song playing on the computer. And what a performance it was!!

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