Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gymnastics. by victoria.

I walked onto the stage. I saw the faces of the audience staring at me. I was nervous and I thought that I going to forget the routine. I was in line when the first person started  to do the cartwheel, cartwheel forward roll, forward roll routine. Next it was my turn. I started to cartwheel and I thought, I hope I don't crash again. Next was the hoop routine. I started caring onto the stage. When I heard '' I like to move it move it'' I wanted to escape from the stage because I was one of the leaders for the hoop routine. Finally it was over and we started doing the forward roll stand up bow. The M.C said "Gymnasts you really did jump through those hoops to get that performance ready". I felt proud of my self because I didn't make a mistake.

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