Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Readers theatre by Sasha

My hands were trembling as I took a step Into the hall.I had my MC script and the Pinocchio story book in my hands.As the group sat down I walked over to the podium.I looked for my parents but they weren't there. Their was a voice in my head saying, come on mum come on dad hurry up!! I felt a shiver run down my spine. Then I saw Rosie coming up to me with her MC script.she waved and stood beside me. I saw my parents and friends sitting down. I felt a little better just seeing them.

After Kapahaka,Gym and choir did their performances it was Readers Theater's time to shine. As the music was on the group piled on the stage as well as me. We stood in our places and waited for Rosie to introduce Readers theater group. When Rosie had finished there was no sound at all. Then the Narrators nudged each other as a signal to start. I opened the book and suddenly big eels started swimming in my stomach. I remembered there was a gap between the stage and the wall. " I'm going to fall off !!! A screaming voice was in my head.
The play went on and on. It seemed it would go on and on forever. Finally the play ended I closed the book and gave it to Mrs Kelly and stood in another place like the other children ( in the play group) 

The music started and the group started to dance and sing  like a puppet.The song was called  Pinocchio made by maria Dallas in the 1960's. Some adults sang with us. The song ended and the play group stood in a pose of a puppet and everyone clapped.

The group got of and I walked to the podium phew !! Its over I said. I saw my parents smiling at me. I felt really proud ! 
   The End   

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